Press Review 1 (4/10-10/10/2020) from Delphine

12 Říj Press Review 1 (4/10-10/10/2020) from Delphine

The number of cases has reached a new record (8 618 new cases on Friday 9th) and 2085 people are
currently hospitalized with Covid-19. The government warns on stricter measures such as targeted
lock-down in order to reduce the reproduction number of the virus. For economical reasons, a total
lock-down is not planned (yet?).

Photo: ČTK/Ondřej Deml

2.Domestic affairs
The second round of partial senate election took place on Friday 9th and Saturday 10th. The
participation rate was especially low, with less than 16% of electors voting, (vs 36% for the first
round). This election was a success for the party Mayors and Independants which won more seats
than expected, becoming an important group within the Senate. The Civic Democrats, who are
currently a majority in the Senate, came second with 6 seats. The ruling party ANO has won only
one seat despite its previous success in the regional elections. It seems like the Senate elections are
not seen as important as the leader of ANO party, Prime minister Andrej Babiš, said he didn’t
followed the election closely.

Photo: ČTK / Václav Šálek

Czech mineral water producer Mattoni and online grocer Košík have launched the sale of mineral
water in refundable cans. This launch follow the success of a refundable plastic bottle by the same
producers, and is a natural consequence of the sharp increase of the can consumption over the last

Photo: archive of Koší

A new exhibition has opened in Prague’s Bubny memorial of Silence. It features never seen before
photographs of Jews being transported from the Bubny train station, unique testimony of the role of
this station in the Holocaust.

5.Bonus info- Did you know ?
Coronavirus isn’t a synonym of a decreasing activity for everyone. A cafe in Prague called Černá
Madona had the idea to produce Coronavirus-shaped cakes. Composed of chocolate, pistachios and
raspberry, it met a huge success – the cafe sells more than 100 of this desserts each day.
Source :

Photo: Courtesy of Cerna Madonna



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