How I feel and what I´m doing here

23 Srp How I feel and what I´m doing here

Soo… here I am in Czech Republic almost two months and I feel like I’m at home, the people, the culture, the city, everything I love it so much, im in love with Czech Republic, the language is similar like Macedonian so its not too hard to understand some conversation, also I have some friends here, there are nice and open to help you and show you beautiful places at Slany. The living here is made me to be more responsible then usual, I cook for myself, I clean, before I leave I check everything is close or off and I feel kind of proud of myself. First day I go to beer at bar with my coordinator and mentor where is made the beer there and I try some beers from there and I must say that the beer here is special and is so tasty and awesome. And about works and tasks I have a lot to tell you about it, but I gonna tell you some important moments for this…

The whole July I have summer camps with kids, and its first time to me to work with kids and be responsible for them, I teach them some Macedonian words, I present my country to them and I see them that they are so intresting about my country and want to visit and see the beautiful cities and nature of course. We are going with them to riding horses, to aquapark, climbing wall, at nature at Prague and at lake to swim. I see them and realise how can be they so hyperactive, full with energy all the time and also at the morning. Working with them made me more be kindness, patient and feel like kid same age like them. This month I was so tired everyday, I cant go out at weekends and also the whole August I am chilling and spending more time about myself, discover Slany, nature around Slany, I’ve been at Prague, I take alredy a small tattoo from here like little memory from Czech Republic. And finally im happy that all things till now is happen all good and smooth. I hope it gonna stay like that way.

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