Ateliér (my art bazaar) #1

12 Srp Ateliér (my art bazaar) #1

One of the things I really like about social networks is the opportunities to discover very different artists and art pieces from all around the world. So my idea with this Ateliér, is to put together and share what I’ve discovered and loved really appreciated during the last days/weeks. Ok let’s start this first episode : welcome in my art bazaar !

Room with a view – Concerning this project I will, once again, talk about music….but not only. Yes, this show is an hybrid, bringing together dance and music. Watching this video shot by ARTE (the eureopean channel), you’ll be able to appreciate the work of the electro musician Rone, the dance company (La) Horde and the Marseille’s National Ballet. The result of this cooperation is a performance full of energy, expressing a deep emergency to live and to live freely. No need to say that, in this time full of restrictions, this creation initiated by the Chatelet Theater (Paris) fully makes sense…

The video below is only available until the end of the month don’t miss the opportunity and go watch it now !

Maus Haus – Her name is Claudia, she’s australian…and she’s painting on every surfaces you can imagine (paper, plant pots, walls, vans…). Her creations are mainly landscapes but not only and she uses ochres colors a lot which release a calm and warm atmosphere. Give yourself a favor and just dive in her univers !

©Maus Haus

Laura Savry-Cattan – This french artist draws, paints and creates some stained-glass windows…I know, that’s impressive and you won’t be disappointed when you’ll have a look to their creations. They have these beautifull and pure cold colors. Her characters and scenes are also full of tenderness and sweetness which amaze me each time Laura shares a new piece of art on her Instagram.

©Laura Savry-Cattan

©Laura Savry-Cattan

Croki Club – This Instagram account is like a treasure trove for all the drawing lovers. You’ll find some sketches („croquis“ means „sketch“ in French) from several drawers with different styles….you’ll might use it as a source of inspiration if you’re a drawer yourself or just a page you like to visit time to time for the pleasure of your eyes. In any case I’m sure you’ll enjoy this place create by the French artist Pauline de Tarragon !

sketches by Delphine March
sketches by Low

Et voilà ! That was the first episode of Ateliér, I hope you’ve enjoyed it ! A bientôt 🙂

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