Colours of Ostrava <3

18 Čvc Colours of Ostrava <3

We just got back from Colours of Ostrava! What an experience!The place was amazing dark and beautiful the perfect combination!  It was my first time in Ostrava and I must say I liked that city a lot and also the people there; were more friendly and talkative but that’s just my  opinion. 🙂 

The weather was not on our side. We decided to go camping because we couldn’t find nowhere to stay as we decided to go there last minute.When is rainy and muddy camping is not the best option but it was definitely an experience and for me it was the first time I went camping so if I did it with rain and wind then I can do it for sure again:p Our festival wear was definitely different than other festivals as  it involved a raincoat but it was soo much fun.

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Some of the artists we got to see are: Tame Impala, Jan Blomqvist, Christian Loffler, Thievery Corporation, Nathan Fake, M83, Sun Glitters,  Rone, Slow Magic, Erol Alkan, Kiasmos, Anohni and more.. And all these in just 3 days and everyone was great from the djs to the live acts. 😀 So yes it was a great experience and if next year I’ll be here I will go again for sure!

On Thursday my parents are coming so I will have some days off as we will visit Karlovy Vary and Český Krumlov.It will be the first time I will be seeing them after 6 months so I’m excited. 6 months are a looot for a Cypriot family to be apart! 😀

On Wednesday I will have my  Greek Club but is now a conversation club as the people who are coming know Greek and I’m really impressed. I wouldn’t have thought that some Czech peole would know Greek but it seems that some do and one of the girls even studied Ancient Greek so I’m really impressed!! 

Till next time!


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