A new experience!

18 Led A new experience!

Ahoj! I hope in a few months time I will be able to write my blog in Czech but for now it seems impossible. So this is my second week in Czech Republic and I think I’m starting not to only get used to it but also like it a lot:) Everything is so different from what I was used to. I’m from Cyprus which means sunny days and 15-18 °C even in winter months so to experience -7 °C it was quite a shock for me at first but the snow here made everything so beautiful. I was acting like a little child who had seen snow for the first time but the truth is that I had never experienced walking in snow to move around my city before.


Slaný is a small city located  about 25 km from Prague with population around 16000 people so compared to my town Limassol is quite a small city. Older people here don’t speak English and  it was quite a challenge at first but now I started using some basic Czech phrases and also body language is an international  language so I manage.  The people here are all so friendly and helpful especially the girls here at ICM and our mentors.

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Me and Melike the other EVS volunteer at ICM Slaný get along very well we have a lot of common interests when it comes to music movies and that makes it even easier for us to live together and go out together so I’m very happy I had the chance to meet her.

The activities here at ICM are great we have the chance to work on our own projects and also help the girls with the Armenian Youth Exchange by finding activities for the project. We also joined some hobby clubs here organized by DDM Ostrov such as the cooking club the animal club and we also lead the English club. We will also be going to the library with kids every week starting from the following week. EVS is a great opportunity for me because I studied social sciences and it gives me the change to take part in activities, interact with people and different cultures.

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We also visited Prague several times and i must say that I’m in love with that city. It’s such a beautiful city, so many things to do and see, so i think we will visit Prague a lot during our one year of stay here in Slaný.

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I will keep you posted about my time here in Slany and my EVS experience! 🙂 Ĉau!!




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