71 days..

30 Bře 71 days..

Hello again:)

The past few days we had apartment reconstructions taking place. There was something wrong with the bathroom pipes so they had to change everything but after four days of hard work they were able to finish and now our bathroom looks better than ever!

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Our Czech Course is going pretty good we had just one lesson because Melike had to go to Turkey but on Friday we are going again. The teacher is very nice, she also speaks Russian which is also good for me because I get not to only learn Czech but practise Russian language as well. Since I left Cyprus I haven’t practised Russian at all so is a good opportunity for me.

The Greek Club has already started so feel free to join me is every Wednesday at 5 here at ICM.

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In two weeks we will have our arrival training which I’m pretty excited about because we will get the chance to meet more people doing the Erasmus+ in the Czech Republic. The training will be for 5 days in another city.

Till next time:)


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