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19 Lis welcome post

Hi people! I’m Levon Vkhkryan, a volunteer from Armenia. I work at ICM Slany, youth information centre. I came to Czech Republic recently, so this will be my first post here.


I’m glad to greet you on my blog, which I think will become a good platform for information and communication. During my EVS experience in ICM Slany, I’ll try to keep you up to date about any remarkable activities that we organize here and try to do it in maximally interesting and easy way. I hope you will like my blog and we will have more meetings and discusions in both virtual and non virtual bases.


I’m just back from my on-arrival training, a week full of joy and learning. Trainigs gave me a big confidence and a lot of viewes for the future. I learned some new things about myself. I’m totally and deeply impressed. I want to share with you a video I made few days ago – birthday congratulations of one of the volunteers, so you can imagine the friendly atmosphere of the trainings.


After language courses and a little adaptation to different culture, soon I’ll be able to present you a kind of intro-video about how I arrived and how I became a volunteer !!!

So before that, enjoy the review of the “Spanish Night” which was held in October at ICM Slany. Thank you and see you soon!


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