into the work!

12 Úno into the work!

Before even coming to the Czech Republic I had an idea to have a workshop about the political and social life of Armenia, being active in civil life myself. Recently I met the opportunity to organize it! The name I offered and was admitted was “Life As We Know It“. The aim of the activitie is not just informing people how Armenians live and feel about their lives… The main aim is to make a discussion between international volunteers and local people, showing the ways out, showing What Should Be Done in any of difficult situations we meet in our everyday life, to improve the situation, to find a way out or just to go with it. People can just compare their life and its problems with life of other societies. These kind of discussions will also be usefull for us- volunteers, to hear different points of views and get new ideas. 

The project “Life As We Know It“ about Armenia will take place as an public activitie in one of the pubs in Slany, in February 24th, 2014. Few weeks later the same activity will be in Kladno town, in cooperation with SMOK organization.


Just after the project my Midterm Training starts. I decided to make a surprize for all volunteers over there and screen there a video I made from the On Arrival Training. We all we have a fun watching this. This is also how I get some new and realy good friends.

As an own activity for the Midterm Training I plan to do a workshop. It will be self-cognitive, self-expressive and self-motivative activity for the participants. I think about giving them a task to make self-portraits, as an art-therapy, after what there will be some explanations about the process and some discussions about its impacts on them. And then my video will follow, which should be a film version of another workshop I plan to do for my ICM.

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