Language clubs in ICM

11 Bře Language clubs in ICM

Every week in our association there are several language labs where people of Slany practice in deepening study of a lot of foreign languages. This activity doesn’t  work like the typical school teaching, which is often tedious and for this motivation, difficult to follow with concentration, especially when the study and conversation are designed during the leisure time.


In my case, during this project I found the opportunity to improve my skills in teaching Italian. It is always stimulating activity that gives me the unique opportunity to learn the Czech language during the preparatory meetings and lessons. This also guarantees me the opportunity to refine my skills in the Italian language, because I have to refresh (before and during the lesson)  the basics of Italian grammar.



I think that the method of teaching languages ​​based on non-formal education is an important tool that certainly does not replace the traditional study of grammar, but that turns hours of free time for people who choose to follow these clubs, in unique opportunities of learning new languages, but also of deep discussion and knowledge of other cultures.

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