EVS the educational value of the trip

18 Úno EVS the educational value of the trip

The EVS projects within the new Erasmus + have a great and extraordinary value: offer young European citizens of every nation the unique opportunity to experience an important intercultural experience. The participant of that program know very well the multitude of concrete opportunities for personal growth and long-term training education.


For every young, (and not so young volounteers) is important to develop a greater awareness of the opportunities for dialogue and mutual understanding between peoples, languages and cultures of Europe. So I think that the trip has therefore a fundamental educational and professional value .


The European Voluntary lives then an experience that led him to enrich his language and social skills, but at the same time becomes a resource for the host community.


Among the many and complex tasks of European volunteers, perhaps the most important concerns the stimulation and promotion of involvement regarding the European integration project. Promote Europe communities and States that dialogue in a spirit of European citizenship in which solidarity is the main instrument of cohesion. Solidarity and mutual interest are the basis of correct information and disclosure about the European mobility projects.


It is also important for young people, especially for those who have just completed a course of basic studies, face and confront this kind of experience because from the beginning the volunteer experience comes into connection with a network of new friends transnational : a real network on a continental scale.


In my opinion the journey is the most important and fundamental experience because it allows young European volunteers to acquire a solid and complete awareness of what is truly the European continent. And visit many new cities, meet and talk with new people talking (or trying to speak) new languages.


But even more beautiful are the common experiences and shared: months ago, at the beginning of my EVS I wrote about my first on-arrival training. Now after four months, we have had the opportunity to meet again in the charming and beautiful scenery of Rožmberk nad Vltavou. A small village of 400 inhabitants on the border with Austria, famous for its ancient castle. The soothing and relaxing environment we helped organize a week of work and study.


A busy week, full of dialogue and mutual exchange of ideas and information regarding these months of life in the Czech Republic. A week in which we had the opportunity to confront and learn new things all together. It was above all a week of inner reflection and intimate in which volunteers have got to ask what are their priorities and if these priorities have changed, changed or been reinforced since the beginning of the project.


But our training was also traveling and exploration of other cities in the Czech Republic. Together we visited the beautiful city of Cesky Krumlov, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and nowadays a tourist destination for visitors from around the world.


Included in this stimulating environment made travel and sharing of ideas and moods, our group of volunteers who are get out of the training further united and bound by a common spirit of enthusiasm for this extraordinary experience to which we have been given the opportunity to participate.

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