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12 Úno Pillars in my way – Santi´s second blog

Pillars in my way

Sometimes, Life goes down. Feeling it as weird, wrong way

Emptiness existence, present sense, starting to fall again

The walls were creating visions, I was sad, hurt, dark,

Which direction should I take in this foggy map?


Trying to discover it, afraid of it, walking blind

Growing up in introspective, metaphoric mind

A weird hidden voice I had deeply inside

Somehow, an innocent, forgotten child,


Who, unconsciously, was guiding me, asking me

Conforming me, those emotions were building me

saying me, which ways I never tried or did

realising me, blocked I was, I started to dream, finally, purely


And inside of it I could put the eye on me

Far away from pressures, fears or melancholy

Treating an unstable, nocturnal personality,

weird world where someway I had the strong on me

weird world where someway I could get to feel


ways where only I’m able to avoid alone

cause I know, my process to reach the calm


But I need to feel, one soul pure, warm

I got own steps, proud, on the way I walk

Although going up, sometimes blaming really deeply down

Hidden in the room while I express, I write, I draw,


but I show it now, sharing with the people I found

Pillars in my structure made, one solid stable form

Far away from cubes and excentric blocks

I feel harmony, perfect geometry


Absorted, creating atmospheres

Feeling it, feeling them, feeling me.

In this empty wall. Trying to describe on it

feels me sensitive, strong while I’m being weak


Next to Giulio, walking in Slaný

In front of adversities. We conform our reality

we will never fear sensibilities

finding those details where time becomes infinity


Next to my new family, walking in Slaný

We’re conforming our reality,

loving our sensibilities

feeling those details where time becomes infinity



Growing up next to them. With introspective love,


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