04 Úno Volver

Hi everybody 🙂

   Next Thursday 13th of February, at 18:00 h we will watch a Spanish movie at ICM (somehow I had in my mind that 13th was Wednesday instead of Thursday, so sorry for being a mess 😀 ). It’s called „Volver“ and it’s directed by Pedro Almodóvar and the performance of Penélope Cruz. You will have czech subtitles. Because we want the movie to be enjoyed by all the Czech people who want to come, of course 🙂
   I am sorry to say that it won’t be food (except if you want to contribute 😀 ), but you can enjoy the film with a cup of tea or coffee 🙂

    So, that’s it. You will have more information regarding the event on the ICM page on facebook, in Czech (because I won’t write that 😀 ).

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