Journal: From Heroes We Know To Heroes We Are. Episode I (and this is not Star Wars).

14 Čvc Journal: From Heroes We Know To Heroes We Are. Episode I (and this is not Star Wars).

Hello everybody! 🙂

   I kind of dropped out the blog. Ale já jsem tady ještě jednou! On wednesday we start our next exchange „From Heroes We Know To Heroes We Are“ (FHWK from now on, better make it simple). And I thought that this is a good time to bring it back to life. So from today I will let you know what it´s happening from my point of view with all this stuff.

   Maybe I can start today talking about all the f*****g problems we had. It´s not a coincidence this is the „Episode I“ because it seems we had some kind of phantom menace around this project since two weeks ago. This isn´t Stars Wars but we weren´t short of action, athough it hasn´t been that enjoyable with no lightsabers. A pity. We could have killed someone with such a fancy weapon. As I said, a pity.

   So we were supposed to have partners from Portugal. But we do have not. And that implies lots of troubles. Mountains. Chain of mountains of troubles. Like, let´s see, changing the number of participants of each country but then later only it was necessary to increase the Czech number because it would be easier to arrange everything but we have less budget because we nevertheless have less people and if you think it´s a mistake I didn´t put any commas think again and I repeat it´s a big pity not having the laser swords. I would have preferred the green one. Green. Colour of hope.

                                         Máme moc práce na stole je bordel.

   But at least we have Spanish partners. Yes. They are coming to Dresden´s airport and they wanted us to pick them up there and I was like of course we will go to another country to pick you up, why not hahahaha. No. Big no, huge no, enormous no. Well, maybe I´m overreacting. Maybe not. Like, ok, I understand why they asked for, but in the case we were rich with our own bus and so on we could have arranged it somehow. I seriously doubt it, but it could have been possible in an alternative universe. I understand their reasons, but I think they didn´t think what means to us to go there when we have to organize thousands details. Fix million problems. And with no laser swords 🙁

   So finally they´re coming. Yay! We didn´t have to cancel all this project (I almost write „problem“, ahem. Free association. The ways of The Lord are inscrutable, although not so in this particular case). After all this troubles, struggling so much, we did it. Team work is the clue. And also Iveta. In a metaphoric way, she is kind of our lightsaber (yes, I have the will to mention the weapon in every paragraph, deal with it 😀 ).

 And here I am. I would lie if I say that I´m looking forward to it. I don´t have a good feeling. And I wish I tell you in a few days that I was wrong. Let´s see how all unfolds. For the time being, we have later an important meeting with all the participants slash organizers. Tomorrow more news, although I think I won´t be able to solve the lack of laser swords. I´ll have to find an alternative way to stifle my killing instincts 🙂

 May the force be with you! And with us! Uvidíme se!


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