Youth Exchange „WORK IT OUT“ – participant´s view

16 Říj Youth Exchange „WORK IT OUT“ – participant´s view

Youth is that time in life when we are searching for our place in the world and we are learning to understand ones self. Youth Exchange WORK IT OUT was all about that. The participants reflected their own personalities through activities about temperaments, and they tried which types of jobs would fit them the most. Afternoon blocks were for discussions about discrimination in a work place. And finally, some of the participants shared their newly gained knowledge at schools in their home countries. And what did the participants themselves said about the project? 


Joan Toledano Peris (Spain)  It has been, if not the best, one of the best experiences of my life: It has helped me to understand the world and myself better. It’s been a pleasure meeting with people of other countries, analyzing day to day problems, having conversations of all types, being more aware about discrimination and how to solve it… The most important of this experience for me has been living with such a great and amazing group of people. That’s what I’m never gonna forget and I would love that anyone could live this experience at least once in a lifetime.


Kostis Flevaris (Greece) It is difficult to describe this experience in a few sentences, since it combined almost everything that is valuable in life, from learning and cooperating to friendship and having a great time. This YE taught me a lot of things, primarily that is necessary for everyone to sometimes step out of their comfort zone and that there are no real barriers between people, regardless differences in nationality and language. The atmosphere within the group was amazing and this cannot be overstated enough, because it really takes amazing people to create this amazing experience. It was a pleasure to participate and, to be honest, I would love to turn back time and „Work It Out“ all over again!

Jara Grulich (Czech Republic) This Youth Exchange allowed me to meet with many great people. People I otherwise wouldn’t have met, people which changed my view of the world with their ideas, people who taught me how to be myself, people I’ll never forget in my life. We’ve all experienced new things and spent much time wondering as well as we did with discussion and sharing of our life stories. Many of us found help and support during the deep, meaningful conversations in which often even our inner fears came to the light of the day. We’ve learned a lot about each other, about our personalities, about discrimination, about our countries, about life and I’d love to thank YOU ALL for that!

Κώστας Μπαλαμάτσιας = Kostas Balamatsias (Greece) Ιt was a new journey in which everyone’s way crossroaded with each other. Twenty six persons from four European countries on a rollercoaster! I met awesome people with whom we set goals and we achieved them. We got out from our comfort zone, we forgot the stereotypes while we learnt how we can contribute to eliminate different types of discrimination. We shared our inner worlds, our thoughts and ideas, our dreams under the same roof. We became something more than friends. If you ask me what, i’ll respond you that now we are family! That’s why you should give it a try and grab a chance to go for a new adventure via an Erasmus+ YE!

Martina Hejduková (Czech Republic) I’ll be quite brief because everything important had already been written🤗Interesting topic, rewarding discussions, funny games, perfect atmosphere, cozy accommodation, peaceful location, friendly and lovely organisers, different cultures and the kindest people in this world, who are like family to me – all of these had created probably the most amazing nine days in my life. I wish I could turn back time and experience this youth exchange at least once more!♥️

Valle Gromaz (Spain) – Well, what to say! It has been an unforgettable experience, where we have known cultures from several countries, where we feel very welcome and have expressed our emotions and feelings, we find great friends, or rather a family. Thanks for everything!




If you also want to participate in a Youth Exchange, contact your local Erasmus+ organization.


Czech Republic: DDM OSTROV Slaný – ICM Slaný

Partners of project:

Spain: IDEA Alzira – Ayuntamiento de Alzira

Greece: E.NO Greece 

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