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Santi’s 1st months in Czech Republic

Arriving, feeling Czech Republic Everything was fast. I closed my eyes, and before I had conscience, I opened them and I had my feet on Czech Republic’s ground. It was a nice day, the soft sun was greeting me. The wind was kind too, pushing me into this...

Giulio´s 1st months in Czech Republic

My first 2 months in Czech Republic  When i first applied for this project, i wasn’t even sure what to be a volunteer meant in terms of work, but i was sure to have the right mentality and spirit for it. The main reason for my...


Hey, it’s been a loooong time my friends since the last time. So many things has happened and lot of them were really amazing ! During this months here in Slaný I settled down and I have done lot of good experiences. In December - a full...

Out of and in Focus

    The concept of a youth exchange is a weird thing. In theory, these type of Erasmus programmes are meant to encourage people from different countries to share their cultures, experiences and insights with each other. Usually two or more countries are participating and the exchanges...

Irene’s first experiences in Czechia

Hi everybody my name is Irene and I’m Italian so if you would enjoy a good coffee or marvelous pizza you are welcome at ICM Slany! I’m 19 years old and I’ve just arrived here in Slany: why? Are you probably asking yourself.. well I...


  Well, why did I came to the Czech Republic and to Slaný to be exact to be an EVS volunteer? I still don't know exactly. On my pro-con list there were several reasons written down. The country feels familiar and cozy, the people and the...

Diego o jeho On-Arrival setkání v Ostravici

EVS, European volunteer service. It can be just letters for you, EVS, that's it, but no, EVS is the answer to many questions, it's the way to meet new people and to spread the different cultures that we have around the world, EVS is the hapiness...

What Is Islam? Farhad help us to discover that

Because not everyone is similar, because we must not confuse Islam with terrorism, because we do not have the right to blame the people for the act of others, because everything is about respect and tolerance, Terrorist, not the muslims, have a nice week friends...