Report z Training kurzu CREATMENT

31 Bře Report z Training kurzu CREATMENT

I participated in the training course focused on project management called CreatMent with duration of 8 days including travel days taking place in Izmir, Turkey. We created an international group of 27 people coming from The Czech Republic, Spain, Greece, Italy, Croatia, Slovakia, Lithuania and Turkey. Each country had 2 representatives, usually a man and a women to have gender balanced.
We stayed in beautiful 4 stars hotel close the coast with amazing staff and food served all the time – at least it felt like this. As usually in the beginning there were few games to remember everyone’s name, even though I was able to remember all of them like in the middle and some people did not learn it at all. We had a short introduction into management topic more in general. We shared our previous experience related to this topic.
During the project we used all non formal methods of education such as group sharing, self evaluation, roleplays, intercultural learning through experiencing activities, having creative workshops etc. The most difficult one for me was to create a collage of whatever we wanted. I was lost then. We also invented lots of games during the project like secret friends game, killing game, Oscar awards. People who participated were really active, so we had plenty ideas what to add and organizers let us do our own activities.
The final piece of work was to decide on what projects we would work until the end to have them ready and present them to the council at Yasar University. Firstly we learnt all the terminology and how to use it in planning a project (project plan, management, management crisis, stakeholders, primary, secondary factors etc.) Then everyone had an opportunity to come up with a concrete project to implement in our real lives. Afterwards we democratically voted and chose only 4 projects. First was mine building a garden near Barcelona city and do workshops for primary schools there to bring awareness of environmental issues we face nowadays, second was building a museum for blind people in Athens, third was to start a youth centre for Turkish kids to come after schools and do some activities and the last one was a public event in Lithuania organized by youngsters to promote active citizenship. The group work wasn’t easy as always but in 3 days we finished our work and then presented it at the university and we also received a reasonable feedbacks on that. I was very satisfied with ours, because we had the best one and really easy reliable. Our project boss who came up with this idea, because he lives there had a most of public speaking and even though he was very nervous and has never done it in his life, he did a great job and exactly for this reason the Erasmus+ projects are so great.
For me the topic was already known so I focused more on getting to know the people and understanding relationships which is very hard and its something I really want to work on. I met wonderful people I will see again in the future and that was worth it. I recommend this to everyone, because its something that changes your lives big time!

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