Adéla se hlásí z Belfastu: April

02 Čvn Adéla se hlásí z Belfastu: April

In general I am doing really well. 

Since the weather started to be warmer, sunny and less windy cannot actually complain at all. Maybe just got used to it, but having a chance to spend some time outside without being cold every day is really important for me. And of course because my work is connected with nature and working outside, it is much easier for all of us to stay whole day outside, work and enjoy it in the same. 


In term of work I am really pleased to tell you that finally get a feeling that we actually do something important almost every day, it is not the same feeling as I had at the beginning that most of the work we had done was with no special purpose. I am also glad a lot, we are almost the only ones from volunteers who travel around country pretty often to visit and check many nature reserves, so have seen already a lot from the island. And it is amazingly beautiful, the green landscape, the coastline and animal everywhere. 

The community of EVS volunteers is still same and it is not going to be changed, we like each other, we respect the work and time everybody offers to the community or their organisations. We spend a lot of time together, during last month we organised for example a lot Bday parties. But on the other side, I had come because wanted to learn about the Irish culture and meet local people. And it is happening, so I am glad that also can be involved in local life, talk with them, learn to recognize Irish accent and their habits. 

Since the weather got better I started to run and exercise in Ormeau park, it makes me relaxed and chilled. Finally got rid of the never ending cold I had since I came. And of course cannot forget to mention I started to attend Irish dancing class, it is so much fun!

And wrote interview to Czech national internet newspaper about living in Belfast, its written in Czech language but feel free to use some translator, if you want. Here is the link…

Adéla Štěpánková 


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