DELPHINE’S PRESS REVIEW 5 – What’s up in the Czech Republic?

16 Lis DELPHINE’S PRESS REVIEW 5 – What’s up in the Czech Republic?


7 357 new cases of covid-19 have been detected this Friday. It is 4200 less than last week, showing that the epidemic is clearly decreasing. Children in first and second grade are supposed to go back to school on Wednesday, November 18th.



The Aussie & Kiwi film festival (November 19-29) will occur online this year, as well as the French Film Festival (Nov 19-23). Movies from both festivals will be streamed on the platform, at the cost of 90 CZK for Australian and NZ films and 99 CZK for French films. More info about the organisation in this article:


A new long-distance hiking trail that crosses Czech Republic from west to east recently opened. According to its creators, despite many shorter hiking trails exist, a long-distance like this one was missing in the country.

Photo: Martin Ubl


The Czech Senate has approved the ban on farming chicken in cages from the year 2027. Such a law has already been adopted by Germany and Austria.


5.Health Policy

Prague Airport will start working with 6 trained dogs to detect Covid-19 positive passengers. Usually used to detect illegal articles, the dogs were shown efficient in smelling coronavirus in armpit sweat of humans.

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