Hello everybody!

21 Říj Hello everybody!

My name is Cristina, I’m from Spain and I am a EVS volunteer here, in Slaný, Czech Republic till next September.


I arrived exactly 29 days ago. I am kind of late writing this to you all now, but I have a very good reason: I didn’t stop at all because I’ve been enjoying, working, discovering and laughing a lot. That’s why even now it is late at nigt when I am writing this.


But things are changing, and I am planning tell you every experience I live during my EVS at ICM in Slaný, a place where every day is, fortunately, different. And I wish I could transmit you this not-boring-at-all feeling I have inside each day since I’ve been here.


Here’s a song that, although it isn’t a deep one, always gives me positive thoughts, motivation… It makes me move and dance and sing every time I hear it. This is the energy that moves me.  For me, this song is always related with some of the best moments of my life. And that’s exactly how I am feeling right now.




Next stop: My first 3 days.


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